Rules and guidelines

Rules and guidelines

of the Burgas Invitational Mathematical Tournament Acad. Nikola Obreshkov (Online Contest)

  1. Each participating team will compete in the its own city/country/region.
  2. The contest shall be held on May 29th 2021.
  3. Each participating team must nominate a Team leader who will response for the providing of the event and to arrange webcams during the competitions to provide a live feed of the examination to the Organizing committee. The day before the contest the Team leader will receive link which will be activated right to the contest.
  4. The contest shall be held using Microsoft Forms. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all the team leaders to organize their participants to be at one place during the competition! Of course, in depends on the circumstances they have rights to decide which way to organize and to held the contest in connection with the principle of fair play.
  5. The contest is an individual competition organized in five ages groups:                                                                                                                       3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 grades.

The time allowed for the contest is 90 minutes.

  1. The contest includes 20 problems separated in 2 parts for each group:

– 10 multiple choice questions with five options each;

– 10 short-answer problems.

  1. It is allowed only for the problems for the primary students to be translated into their own languages.
  2. The contest problems for the primary groups (grades 3-4 and 5-6) shall be sent to the team leaders a day before the start of the contest only if there will be a translation for the students. In this case the Team leader responses for the organizing and uploading of the translated problems on the google docs.
  3. The day before the contest the Team leader will receive link which will be activated right to the contest.
  4. The participation in the contest is by invitation!
  5. Participants are not allowed to bring books, scientific dictionaries, calculators, and other electronic devices during the contest. However, they may bring a hard copy English dictionary with them.
  6. Since this is a virtual contest, the team leader should see to it that the internet connection is excellent and that the live feed is uninterrupted.
  7. All participants must be on their sit or post at least half hour before the contest starts for checking of attendance and other preliminary preparations.
  8. Prior to the actual contest, there will be testing of communications and clarifications of protocols to make sure this online contest shall be smooth and orderly.
  9. If there are situations not listed above only the Team leader in the cooperation with the Organizing Committee can choose which way to decide it.